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Entrepreneurship Association

MSU Entrepreneurship Association is a registered student organization
open to all majors who are passionate about entrepreneurship & innovation.

Monthly Meetings

Share ideas, network with peers, & get motivated by industry professionals

Road Trips

Participate in trips to business competitions, conferences, & more @MSUStartupBus


Connect with established professionals & leaders to grow your ideas

Identity Development

Establish yourself in the entrepreneurial ecosystem while developing your brand standards


Here are some frequently asked questions about the EA and their answers

The association helps students by networking with established alumni, providing entrepreneurs with resources to get their idea off the ground, and members can go for free or very little cost to entrepreneurship events throughout the year.

Entrepreneurship is innovation and innovation is life changing. Without passionate entrepreneurs many of our coveted items such as the Internet, cellphone, and the latest app wouldn’t exist. We support entrepreneurship by forming a community of passionate doers. Bringing a bunch of people who believe anything is possible is the catalyst for innovation. If any of the entrepreneurs need help with their start up we find a way to help them.

The Entrepreneurship Association was started because their are many Spartan entrepreneurs who are currently working alone or have an idea but don’t know the next steps, that is where the association comes in. The Entrepreneurship Association was started to bring students together who love innovation and want to be a part of it in some way.

The Association has had everything from Uncle Jake’s Jerky, batch made jerky which is very delicious, to Snap Script App, and everything in between.

Yes! Any one can join the association. We are always looking for passionate members and spartapreneurs.

All you have to do is fill out our application form!


Admin Board

Volunteer community leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs

Dani Campbell


Danielle is a Creative Advertising major with a strong interest in entrepreneurship. She is the current Events Intern at Spartan Innovations, where she helps plan, promote, and execute events related to entrepreneurship at MSU and in the greater Lansing community. Danielle excels in graphic design, social media, and paid media advertising, while currently learning web design. In her free time, she's attending MSU sports games with friends, playing with her dogs, and traveling.

Tyler Mehigh

Vice President

Tyler is currently a junior General Management major at Michigan State. In his free time He enjoys being outdoors, working out, and being apart of the MSU Cheerleading team. After graduation, he would like to get a job in either Venture Capitalism or Private Equity.

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